Ascentro is a Capital Partner unlike any other. We pride ourselves on collaborating with inspirational business owners and management teams to help them achieve their aspirations.

What we do

We like to get to know the people who do the business and the way their business is done. Working with the team, who have built it, truly understanding its operation, rigorously exploring its potential and then selecting the best capital solution for the good of that business. With a strong network of investment partners and access to significant resource we can offer a variety of solutions based on merit, not simply availability.

Direct investments

We actively invest in ambitious companies where we believe we can make a significant contribution. Whether that be through providing liquidity to existing shareholders to realise value, funding acquisitions, optimising capital structures or providing the resources required to identify and implement strategic initiatives to accelerate growth. Working in partnership with experienced management teams and owners, often this means not only leveraging our deep industry knowledge, expertise and networks but also utilising our financial resources for the benefit of the company and all its shareholders.

Institutional capital

The Ascentro team has widespread and longstanding valued relationships with many of the world’s leading institutional investors who are active in the Australasian market and can provide both debt and equity capital. With these relationships we are able to align your investment needs with the rich detailed market knowledge, insight and understanding required to secure the right institutional capital partner for your business.


With our detailed understanding of the Australasian market and the many various capital products and structures available, we are able to source and seamlessly execute the most beneficial solution to support your business need and ambition. Our extensive experience comes from being involved over many years in numerous transactions across the globe in both an advisory capacity and importantly as an investor, lender and borrower ourselves.

Recent partnerships